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The TOC Build-a-Bag kit includes Icelandic yarn (400 YDS BULKY), 2 leather strap handles, screws (plus spares), leather reinforcers and instructions. The instructions are designed so you can customize your bags size (large or small as pictured), add ridges, and make the bag the dimensions you desire. This is a perfect project for anyone new to knitting or felting. You can add your own 100% wool for ridges or borders. The bag can also be dyed after assembling.The bag is a simple knit or pearl on circular (10, 11, or 12) needles. The bag is washed, agitated and damp dryed until it is the size and firmness you desire. Sturdy, beautiful, practical. Select color preference by swiping image left at checkout.

Build a Bag Kit

  • Includes: Kit includes 400 yds of bulky Icelandic yarn (a $60 value) and can make either size of bag pictured. The kit consists of yarn, 2 leather handle straps, leather reinforcers, chicago screws and instructions.

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